Welcome to the blog of Mind Frame Cinema. It is the timeline and findings of things we do and the things we love. Here you can follow cinematographer Nelson Carayannis and get a "behind-the-scenes" look at some of the projects that Mind Frame Cinema is involved in. Enjoy!

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Matt Lloyd on ice

Filming ice climbing present a lot of challenges snow, logistical,camera malfunctions combine with freezing weather and falling ice are just a few of the problems we face. I called longtime friend and camera operator Jeff Hammerton to help me with this shoot. Jeff recently bought a RED One MX and was looking to test it out I figured what a perfect thing to do to somebody who knows nothing about climbing put them in a precarious situation and laugh at him wile I do so. Actually with the assistance of Dan Gambino a former guide and climbing photographer we had no problems getting Jeff into a nice safe location. The shots that we are able to come out with on  a two camera shoot was pretty cool. Matt’s climbing partner Chris Thompson was a proper soldier and helping belay for the shoot . below you can see a few still frames from the shoot as well as some BTS photos. Also keep your eye out in fall for the “Out Their Film” which will feature part of this segment.

Matt Lloyd switching tools in mid route shot form a line above at 11 mm T3

Shot on REDone MX at 185mm f5.6 Video still from (Jeff Hammerton)

Matt Lloyd climbing ice shot at 15mm t3

video portrait of Matt Lloyd 32mm T3 

My self filming with a RED Scarlet with a GL optics 11-16 T3 Lens

Jeff Hammerton with a red one MX filming high on a ledge with a Nikon 80-200 lens


I am no stranger to the world of rap in 2011 with director Kyle Gray we filmed the first rap battle shot in 4K that event was called Blackout2 hosted by King Of The DOT. We came back this year to shoot Blackout4 one of the challenges that faces our tool centric film world is remembering what tool is appropriate to use. i my self have been guilty of this in the past and the result always reminds me of what I call “fast food video” it is flashy and good for the first watch but after that who cares? So our approach on Blackout4 was keep it simple you are effectively observing an argument between two adults it should be captured accordingly.

We shot the battle primarily on three cameras a Red Scarlet equipped with a 18-55 Red cine lens at T3 and a 9ft Indy Dolly Slider for the main angle. The over the shoulder angles were shot with Canon DSLRS with cine a LUT programmed in to them operated by director Kyle Gray and Liam Bagnall. The videos will be coming out in the near future

Aspect 2:40-1

FPS 23.98